EWEB Roosevelt Operations Center

Finding a centrally-located site, with ready access to the region’s transportation system, EWEB developed the Roosevelt Operations Center on a site at the southeast corner of Roosevelt Blvd and Randy Pape Beltline Highway.  Schirmer Satre Group assisted with land use approval and overall site design.  As the site contained significant wetland and riparian habitat, and as EWEB’s development goals included attention to the natural environment and wise management of on-site stormwater, an overall site design was generated to retain as well as improve wetland habitat and store and vegetatively clean stormwater runoff.  On-site irrigation utilizes reclaimed water.  The main pedestrian entry into the operations building includes a bridge over restored wetland area while pedestrian trails meander near on-site turtle habitat.

Eugene, Oregon

Service Type:
Landscape Architecture
Environmental Services

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