About Schirmer Satre Group (SSG)

Inspiration Meets the Bottom Line

Around here; we pay as close attention to rules, budgets and timelines as we do to creative design and realistic problem-solving. Guidelines are established, codes are coveted, environmental conditions are met, and people are pleased with the results. It’s where design inspiration meets the bottom line.

Sustainability is a Guiding Theme

The environment is important. Livability is important. Healthy cities and neighborhoods are important. We incorporate these values into our own business decisions as well as client designs and solutions.

Sustainability and triple bottom line thinking is not just part of our work - it is something we live and breathe. Need proof? Come visit our office in the historic McCracken Building, which features recycled materials, natural daylighting, trees and other landscaping to reduce the urban heat island effect, bike parking and long-term storage, and a beautifully designed bioswale to handle stormwater run-off.